About Us

The Rotorua Land Use Directory has been assembled by Bill Young and Tatiana Kiwi-Knight for the Te Arawa Primary Sector, Inc. The directory has been funded by the Low Nitrogen Land Use Fund set up by Bay of Plenty Regional Council and the Ministry of the Environment to support research and provide practical information for land users in the Lake Rotorua catchment looking for low nutrient-leaching land uses.

Te Arawa Primary Sector, Inc. (TAPS) is a group of Te Arawa organisations that own, control or administer over 30,000 hectares of land utilised within the primary sector (agriculture, horticulture, forestry, geothermal) in the Bay of Plenty.  TAPS provides a forum for its members to discuss common issues, explore new land-use and market opportunities and participate in regional and national projects in an effort to lift performance.

The Logo

The meaning behind the design is that the logo shows how the land and the lake are intertwined and represents a ‘flow from the land to the lake’.

‘With care for the land, so we protect and sustain the lake.’